New Year’s Resolutions for Community Management Business

Does your business make new year’s resolutions for itself? If not, 2019 could be the year to jump into the tradition of “Annual Goals”. Sure, goals are a little more fun to create and stick to under a different name, and if you come up with good ones, they could forever change the way your company operates.

Why do Vendors Need to Go Through the Verification Process?

The standard Certificate of Liability Insurance is simply a verification of coverages; without additional reference and contractual solidification a certificate CAN NOT provide coverages to the Certificate Holder or Named Additionally Insured.

The Reason Why One Certificate Will Not Cover All Management Companies

Each Management Company has different requirements and each Management Company, and their Associations are vetted independently. Without proper wording on the certificate, proper written agreements between the parties you are doing business with and proper endorsements attached, the coverages on the certificate can not be verified.

FAQ | Vendor Information Form

What is a Vendor Information Form?   A Vendor Information Form (VIF) is a snap shot of your company. The information contained in the Vendor Information Form is what management companies and their managers to use to scout service providers for their upcoming jobs.  It is your best source for marketing to individual managers within an …

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FAQ | Not Currently Working Why Do I Need Certificates of Insurance?

We do not currently have any jobs with this management company or their HOA’s. Should we still provide Vendor Information and Insurance Certificate’s? Yes. The management company that has asked you to register for compliance is using a “Searchable” Vendor Directory to select qualified vendors. This management company’s directory shows your company as New, Processing, …

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Successful Vendor Compliance Is More Than Luck!

Successful Vendor Compliance Is More Than Luck! Vendor Compliance Misconceptions Vendor Compliance has greatly evolved in recent years, responding to changes in case laws and liability. The increasing tide of threats exposes the lack of information, professionalism, and efficiency of the current vendor compliance methods used by Association Management Companies. Recent surveys indicate that only 8% …

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