As a Vendor, do I need to provide a separate certificate for each association that I provide services for if I have a “blanket” certificate for the management company and all their associations?

No. The language on the blanket certificate will cover ‘ALL” associations that are under contract with the listed management company.

Does a Homeowner Association need individual certificates?

No. The purpose of a blanket certificate is to consolidate the number of individual certificates needed. The Association is covered with the blanket certificate.

What if my insurance company doesn’t provide blanket certificates?

Only about 5% of insurance carriers fail to issue blanket certificates. If your insurance carrier is one of these companies, contact us and we will help you on a case by case basis with your compliance.

What if the Association Board is requiring an individual certificate?

Most boards will not require an individual certificate because of the burden of additional tracking, liability and expense.

What if I only work for ONE (1) Association, do I still need a blanket certificate?

Yes. Blanket Certificates ensure that you are “work” ready for any Association your Management Company would like to hire you for. It eliminates the need to repeat the process of obtaining certificates with each and every new job or bid. It ensures that Association Boards can be confident that you are covered to work on their properties before they even ask for a bid.



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