FAQ – Condo Endorsement or Letter of Non-Exclusion What is a Condo Endorsement?

A Condo Endorsement is a part of your policy that either excludes work on Condo or Multi-Family projects and / or limits the coverages related to this type of project.

An example would be if you are a Roofing Contractor, your policy might have a Condo Endorsement that allows you to perform on existing structures but not new condominium structures.

Another example would be if you are an Electrician, your policy might have a Condo Endorsement that allows you to do electrical for existing condominium structures but excludes stucco work.

As a Vendor, why do I need to provide a Condo Endorsement when the association I am working for is a detached residential property or PUD?

Management companies have multiple properties which usually include condominiums projects. The Vendor Directory and Compliance Records are set up to allow maximum exposure to Vendors who are able to complete work and have insurance for all managed properties.

What if my insurance company doesn’t have an exclusion or limit for work on Condos?

We will accept a Letter of Non-Exclusion from your insurance agent provided on their agent letterhead or via their agent email.

What is a Letter of Non-Exclusion?

The letter of non-exclusion states that your policy does not have any limits or exclusions and that you are cleared to work on condominium projects.

What information does my Agent Need to Provide?

Please include a policy endorsement to show coverage for work on Condos or Multi Unit complexes. If there is no endorsement on the policy, you will need to supply a letter on Broker Letterhead stating there are NO Exclusions in the General Liability Policy for work on Condos or Multi Family Complexes.

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