We do not currently have any jobs with this management company or their HOA’s. Should we still provide Vendor Information and Insurance Certificate’s?

Yes. The management company that has asked you to register for compliance is using a “Searchable” Vendor Directory to select qualified vendors. This management company’s directory shows your company as New, Processing, Compliant and Non-Compliant. This status is available to all of their Association Managers.

Management Companies are utilizing this “Searchable” Vendor Directory first for their new projects. If you are on a Management Company Vendor Directory as “Compliant” this is the best status you can hold. A Compliant Status tells managers that you are ready and have all the proper documentation to present your company to their boards and to begin work. If you are on the directory as Non-Compliant, you may miss an opportunity to bid work or be selected by an Association Manager.

Will my Insurance Company Issue a Blanket Certificate to cover work on all HOA Properties managed by a Specific Management Company?

Yes, most insurance companies will issue a blanket certificate that meets with the Management Company requirements, even if you are not currently doing work. There are some cases where an insurance company only issues job specific certificates. If you are in that situation, then you will not be able to provide a blanket certificate. Please let us know if this is the case and we can try to assistant you with a solution.





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