ASN & DSA 5375.5

By partnering with Association Services Network, Management Companies ensure that their Vendor Selection adheres to the Davis-Sterling Act Civil Code 5375.5. Manager’s Conflict of Interest.

By utilizing Association Services Network for Vendor Compliance it solidifies that a Management Company is dedicated to reducing their “Conflict of Interest” with the Homeowner Associations.

Association Services Network decreases the unfair advantages of non-compliant vendors and creates a uniform vendor selection process. Exposure for Association Managers and Staff to benefit monetarily from interests or profit-sharing arrangements is deminished with proper use of ASN’s Asset Protection Program. ASN strengthens the idea that there is no room for a non-competitive advantage and that all Vendors are measured against a similar set of requirements.

Association Services Network reimbursement program is only for expenses related to the ASN Asset Protection Program and is used for Personnel Correspondents, Computer & Data Use, Software Integration and Website Use at a Management Company level and therefore not considered a “Conflict of Interest” at the Homeowner Association level. It is believed that Homeowner Association Board Members and their residents benefit indirectly from the ASN Asset Protection Program by receiving services from Vendors who have received proper vetting and fair bidding practices.






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