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Vendor Risk Management

  • ASN data collected will help to transfer the risk to the policies that have the right coverage for defense and indemnity should a claim occur.

  • Vendor Directory available with current information 24/7/365.

  • Integration to management software establishes provides real time updates to vendor status prior to work orders or payments.

HOA Insurance Center

  • Collect ALL data needed for HOA insurance policies and stored for immediate viewing.

  • Use Local Agencies who specialize in HOA insurance.
    Systematically monitor the insurance renewal process.

  • Get up to 3 bids with side-by-side comparisons. On time!

  • Real Person claims management to communicate to all parties involved to avoid unnecessary surprises. Verified data for claim expense reimbursement.

Good Neighbor Program

  • RX programs, Homeowner Certificates, Vendor Marketing and Manager & Vendor Training.

give ASN Support Team

a chance to Show You What We DO!



Existing Service Providers with Insurance Renewals
Condo or Designed Work Exclusions 63.17%
Service Providers Registering for the 1st Time
Invalid or Inaccurate Certificates 90%


We invite you to Schedule a Demonstration of our services to learn more about how the ASN Support Team will help you better manage your risk and increase your profitability.


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